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Saskatchewan Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (SASLPA)

Reference Manual

Section:  II


Policy No. C.2

Date of Issue:  November 19, 2015

Page    1       of     2

Replaces: NEW


Authorization: Council Meeting: November 19, 2015

1.0  Authority

In accordance with The Saskatchewan Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists Bylaws, Bylaw IX, Section (1):

1)   Special committees may be appointed by the council at any time to carry out the objectives of the association and may be dissolved by a resolution of the council.

2)   When appointing a special committee, the council shall set forth the membership and chairmanship of the committees and the duties and responsibilities thereof.

2.0  Functions/Duties

  • Organize and/or facilitate the professional development activities of the association as directed by Council:
    • Plan, strategize, and coordinate the SASLPA Annual Conference professional development (PD) programs
      • Plan and implement PD streams that take into account the diverse needs of our members (e.g., Audiology, Adult S-LP, Pediatric S-LP, School S-LP, Regulatory/Legislative);
      • select potential PD speakers;
      • provide PD information for conference promotional material;
      • Liaise with other annual conference committees.
    • Identify any costs that may be associated with the activities of the Committee by preparing and submitting an annual budget to, and at the call of, the SASLPA Treasurer;
      • Present financially responsible recommendations that take into account the capacity of staff and volunteers in executing activities.
    • Review, summarize and implement recommendations provided by members in Conference Evaluation forms
  • To submit regular reports to the SASLPA Council regarding Committee activities.

3.0  Offices

3.1 Chair

  • The Chair shall be appointed by Council;
  • Shall distribute an agenda for the meeting no later than one week in advance;
  • Together with the Recorder, shall plan the meeting at which he/she acts as chair.
  • Shall provide Council with a written report of Committee activities prior to Council meetings.

3.2  Secretary/Recorder

  • The Chair may designate one member as secretary.
  • The Recorder shall take notes at the Committee meetings;
  • Within one month of the meeting, shall distribute to all members the notes of that meeting;
  • Together with the Chair, shall plan the Committee meetings;
  • If unable to meet the commitment as Recorder, shall assume responsibility to find a replacement.

4.0  Meetings

4.1  Frequency

  • The Committee meetings shall be held at least 3 times per year with increased frequency as required as annual conference approaches;

4.2  Location, Date and Time

  • Meeting location shall be as determined by the Chair of the Committee and may include such venues as teleconference or other electronic means of communication.
  • Meeting times shall be mutually determined by Committee members through e-mail or at the previous Committee meeting.

4.3  Decision-Taking/Voting Procedure

  • Each committee member shall have one vote;
  • Quorum for the committee shall be the majority of its members;

4.4  Minutes and Reports

  • The Recorder shall keep minutes of all committee meetings.

5.0  Expenses

5.1  Operating Costs

  • Committee members are entitled to reimbursement of all operating costs associated with their participation on the Committee (such as travel to locations outside their home location, meal costs) and shall be reimbursed by SASLPA as per policy # IV. A.2 in the SASLPA policy and procedure manual.
  • Remuneration is to be paid from the general funds of the association.

6.0  Commitment

6.1  Terms of Office

  • The appointment for a committee member shall be for a term of three years, renewable at the discretion of Council.

7.0  Accountability

The Committee shall be accountable to the SASLPA members in accordance with the SASLPA bylaws.